Rocket is the horse behind the vision of what Rackin R Stables is built on, the vision of maintaining a blood line from years gone by.
 He is a 15.3 hand copper colored sorrel stud,  and is a beautiful sight to behold under saddle.  He is truly a special horse, one of
the old trotting standard bred that you just don't see anymore.  We started our breeding program with him and have several of our
own colts  we have raised out of him.  

For years I heard stories of this old stallion named Rocket,  I never dreamed I would get the opportunity to own such a magnificent
animal, he truly has been a joy to own.   I have owned him for 8 years,  he is quiet natured around the barn and the easiest breeder I
have ever handled

They say when he was a youngster they would ride off into town and he could beat a car from red light to red light...Man, I wish he
was young again...  Rocket is now about 25 years old, still breeding, still looks great and is still pretty fast.  He's real racky qaited;
has a good running walk, slow and hair raising fast gait.  I still hear stories every where I go about this horse.  Sometimes I meet
people who have colts out of him they brag on.  It sure gives you a since of satisfaction to own a horse like this.  They say he could
cruise at 25 and then turn on the after burners.  His colts are gentle and easy to start gaiting.  He's a beautiful animal, high headed
and the faster you go the higher his front end comes, he's truly a rush to ride, but the one thing that is going to get us all in the
end...age has crept in and he is getting up there in years now and once the old blood line is gone it's gone forever, but hopefully
through his colts this blood line can continue

 Stud Fee  $400.00
Rockets Done Gone