Welcome to the Racking R. We are a Racking Horse operation. Our
farm is located on Evensville Mt. just off Summer City Rd. in Bledsoe
Co. Tenn. Hey, my name is Robert Swafford I own and operate the
Racking R along with my  wife Tonia and daughters Camey and
Madalyn. We love to trail ride and meet new trail riders like our
selves.  We have been so richly blessed to meet some of the most
wonderful people around the country on horseback. We love the
Great Outdoors,  Horses provide a way to see this beautiful country
that God has so richly blessed us with in a way most will never see,
in a way that I believe everyone would love. I began to put our farm
together in 2000, first  the house then the barn and then the riding
arena. The barn has 10 stalls, our riding ring is about 150 x 300 and(
man you can let go in there just hold on to your hat.) We use a round
pen this is where it starts  we believe in ground work first . I  believe it
is the key to a good trail horse . Our goal here at the Racking R is to
produce a smooth gaited 4 beat racking horse, we breed and raise
most everything here on our farm. We share a desire as do many
other horse enthusiasts across the country to bring back the racking
or saddle horse of old,a horse that our fathers and grandfathers
talked about riding when they were youngsters ,a horse that was
often  called or refereed to as a single footing saddle horse  or
racking horse and I believe that is what we have to offer here at the
Racking R.. We are trying to raise a showy type smooth gaited horse
with a good running walk slow and fast rack... with speed .. I love
speed , me and brother Dino love to go fast. But not everyone likes to
go fast  and thats alright we have a variety to offer .All horse are
different if you are a  horseman you truly know what I mean, I don't
care how you cross them their all different . We try to bring every
horse to its highest potential it has to offer. We have been riding
since we were kids .. and I believe we have something special to
offer.. We take pride in all our horses .Hope to be able to share some
of them with some of you.. Rack On and May God Bless!.