"Freedom" $3500
Freedom is a 5 year old Shoba Registered Singlefooting Gelding. He's very gentle with a
smooth 4 beat gait , with a nice range of speed(very good low end). He does great on
trails very easy to handle and does great with people and other horses. A very nice ride
Moonshine is a 7 year old Shoba Registered Singlefooter. He
is the Ultimate in rides he has a  4 beat gait that you dream of.
He is still a Stud , but you would never know it out on the Trail
he is very quiet you can ride along side of another horse and
never know he is still a Stallion. He is very well rounded  and  
easy to ride you can ride him with 2 fingers. Doesn't spook,
Trailers easy , Mounts easy, you point him and he will go. He
has a very nice range of speed a super low end . What more
could you ask for in a Horse. He's beautiful and is a great ride..